FLEX warehouse in Germany
is open for B2B/B2C shipments


The process of setting up a new FLEX warehouse in Germany (Deutschland) has been completed and beginning Aug 1st, 2022 the new DE warehouse location is able to start processing in/out shipments.

FLEX. is able to provide you with anything from pre-Amazon storage, customs clearance in Germany, forwarding to Amazon fulfillment centers, B2B fulfillment, processing removals/returns with a local German address, FBA prep and more. From a single box shipments, a few EURO pallets to several 40ft HQ containers.

B2C fulfillment will be available by the end of August 2022.

The address of the 1st FLEX warehouse in Germany is:
FLEX. Logistik at Altantic One / JadeWeserPort, Atlantik 1, 26388 Wilhelmshaven (aka ‘Hamburg West’), Germany
Geo location: 53.58211449246432, 8.135395569140018

The warehouse is located in the container port in Wilhelmshaven which is the only deep water sea container terminal in Germany, 3rd largest container port in DE at the moment, which is going to take over lots of cargo volume from Hamburg and Bremerhaven in the next 1-2 years due to severe delays in those two.

The warehouse is located only 200 (two hundred, sic!) meteres from the ports’ gate and a local customs office, with a direct access to A29 highway, in a brand new 12k sqm building – Atlantik One:

Distances to Amazon and some other main container terminals in Europe:

from Bremerhaven, DE – 80 km, 1 hour drive
from Hamburg, DE – 200 km, 2 hour drive
from Rotterdam, DE – 375 km, 4 hour drive
from Antwerpen, BE – 450 km, 5 hour drive
to Amazon Dortmund – 270 km, 3 hour drive

Please feel free to reach out to us when looking for e-commerce logistics solutions in Germany, the new FLEX warehouse address will be activated on your account in myFLEX.


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